The department of certification and expertise of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Sughd region provides the following services:

 Registration and certificate of origin;

The certificate of origin of goods carried out on a paid basis according to the tariffs established by Chamber of Commerce and Industry in coordination with the Ministry of Economics and development of the Republic of Tajikistan.

Now the Chamber of Commerce and Industry certifies the following certificates of origin of the ST-1 form of a form “A” of the GSP form. Certificates filled in in the Russian and English languages.

The certificate of origin of the ST-1 form issued on the goods exported to the CIS countries;

The certificate of origin of a form “A” issued on the goods exported to the countries, which have provided to Tajikistan preferences within General system of preferences.

According to paragraph 3 of the Action Plan on simplification of administrative barriers in export and import, approved by the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan № 487 from October 1, 2008 the basis for the identity of the certificate of origin of the goods is:

The written statement of the interested legal or natural person (the entrepreneur, the customs applicant) signed by the head or the authorized officer Declarant, with a request to issue the certificate of origin. Declarant is obliged to provide for definition of the country of goods’ origin:

  1. Copy of the export contract
  2. Copy of the invoice
  3. One of documents below the provided list confirming goods origin:

 the certificate of quality from the producer

 certificate of conformity

 the reference from the market or jamia(society)

The statement specifies the name of the goods, the quantity, the point of departure, the country of destination, full name and legal address of the consignee, the means of transport and the route. The term of the issuance of the certificate 1 day (with the full package of documents). The validity of the certificate is 12 months from the date of issuance.

 conducting examination of goods, raw materials and the equipment on quality, quantity and by determination of the country of origin;

 Importing goods, the entrepreneur can face a number of the serious problems connected with quantity, quality completeness of goods. However, not all sellers know the existence of timely examination of goods for faults, defects and deficiencies for claims and compensation.

Examination of the goods carried out prior to the opening of the vehicle. In the department of examination and certification of the CCI of Sughd region are specialists with a high level of vocational training with special training in this area. Acts of examination issued by CCI have legal force to resolve disputes and claims for damages are recognized both in Tajikistan and abroad.

Examination and Certification Department is looking for entrepreneurs and enterprises-participants of foreign economic activity ensuring the high efficiency of the provided services.